~Chee’s giveaway 2.5 (not 3 because 2.5 sounds better)~

the last giveaway was only for 3 pokemon which is lame so i went all out and got these babies from trading

none of them can be nicknamed as they are from trades, so they all have their default names. you can click the pictures for their natures and genders and stuff like that.

  • there’ll be one pokemon per winner so that theres a better chance of winning cause winning is good
  • you can like or reblog this and i dont mind if you follow me but don’t spam reblog dont do it man
  • i’ll end this in three days on thursday at around 6 p.m. central
  • 3 DAYS
  • if you have any questions about any of the pokemon send me a message or something


If you don’t like Monty Python you’re wrong

The wonderful world of Hoenn!


Guess I’m uploading this here then since youtube is being silly about copyright.

Except now the quality is low ;-; hrm

Edit: It’s on youtube now!


are you a boy or a girl

starter kids!

also trolls Part 1 Part 2 ♥



Charizard and Greninja are in Smash - CHECK IT OUT


Greninja’s Illustration - I love the artstyle


on their way to fuck shits up


bertholdtfubae’s arda wigs giveaway!


  1. reblog/like once (multiple likes/reblogs will automatically disqualify you)
  2. no giveaway blogs
  3. you don’t have to follow me
  4. i will only be shipping to those in the usa
  5. giveaway ends APRIL 19TH, 2014


  • one lucky blogger will get their choice of any of the wigs listed above in any color

Extra Info

  1. i will message the winner and if they dont respond within 24 hours i will pick a new winner
  2. i will be shipping the wig directly to the winner, so i would appreciate some confirmation of the delivery